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PFU - An Exceptional Meeting

(Irgendwer. Erstellt: 2005-10-02. Tags: Abenteuer, Arbeit, Helden, Rituale, Versammlungen)

Once upon a time somebody joined an exceptional group of people, which had the exeptional name "PFU" and regularly met at exceptional locations to discuss exceptional topics in an exceptional way.

They were very shy and hid from the public during their conventions. In order not to be disturbed they usually started their meetings after dawn and chose hidden locations like a lonesome vineyard somewhere in the countryside. Some of them even did show up in disguise in order not to be recognised.

They usually met to work (hard) and in order to do so they needed to strengthen themselves. So both the dinner and the drinks, which they consumed were as exceptional as themselves.

The menu of an exceptional PFU dinner. The wine list of an exceptional PFU dinner.

They were so committed to their work and their duties, that they even could not stop working during dinner. This picture shows a member of their group (a so called "Pfupy") heavily studying a "White Paper".

Since they were so occupied and lost in their work (and the dinner), they did not recognize, that somebody was taking photos of their meeting and accurately documenting each of their actions.

The full documentation can be found here.

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